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About Us


AgriVentis Technologies is an agricultural seed technology & development company, bringing together the latest in IP advancements to full commercialization with the potential to supply up to one-quarter of Australia’s grain production requirements. Developing plants that have higher yields, better disease resistance, lower cultivation costs, and lower water requirements. With 100%-owned seed lines, AgriVentis is uniquely poised to meet the needs of the world’s food supply in a way that is more profitable for farmers, environmentally sustainable, and completely GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)-free. 

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Officially formed in 2017 to house the work of more than 20 years’ worth of agricultural technology, intellectual property, and commercial rights, the company is founded on superior academic research and development. AgriVentis counts among its key research partners Central Queensland University (CQUniversity), with representative academics serving as senior advisors on the AgriVentis board. AgriVentis’ combination of world-leading and ongoing agricultural research illustrates the company’s superior ability to cater to the world’s ever-growing demand for food security.

A specialised management board has been appointed to AgriVentis Technologies to manage both Australian and international development over the coming phase. Led by Chief Executive Officer, Lewis Hunter and Chief Operation Officer Seref San the AgriVentis board is Chaired by Andrew Farah. Together bringing a diverse and well-rounded approach to the industry.

Together, the assets and programs housed within our seed library represent not just agricultural opportunities, but the ability to counteract the forces of global population and the effects of climate change. In the pursuit of sustainable innovation in agriculture, AgriVentis Technologies has created naturally developed, environmentally resilient seed strains to be commercialised as crops; completely GMO-free, with no detriment to crops, animals, or humans. Plants developed by AgriVentis Technologies are better for the land, have stronger disease resistance, thereby in many cases eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and growth agents, yielding a higher financial return for farmers and growers. At AgriVentis Technologies, we believe in a future where food security is not just a market opportunity: it is a reality.

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