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Advance Rockhampton

As the economic powerhouse of Central Queensland, the Rockhampton Region is actively seeking new investment in agriculture, aquaculture and livestock production, along with associated services and manufacturing facilities. Our region offers outstanding water security, and the proposed Rookwood Weir will supply up to 42,000 megalitres of high priority water annually and enable more than 45,000 hectares of agricultural development along the lower Fitzroy River. The weir will also present opportunities for intensive livestock production. Rockhampton’s central location along major north, south and west transport routes, coupled with seaports and airport infrastructure within critical distance to market, position the region in the fast lane for economic expansion. Proximity to growing national and Asian markets coupled with increasing global demand for food and natural fibre bodes well for Rockhampton and the whole of Central Queensland’s growth in agribusiness. Advance Rockhampton has been actively involved in encouraging agribusiness opportunities along the Fitzroy River.




Wade holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Sydney and a Diploma in Business Studies from Liverpool TAFE. He has been employed with Rockhampton Regional Council for 11 years, working eight years in community engagement and in his current role in Economic Development for the past 3 years leading the Agribusiness portfolio for Advance Rockhampton. Wade is experienced in stakeholder management, having worked closely with producers in the LFR to drive economic outcomes in partnership with research, education and investment partners. These include: AAM Investment Group, Agriventis, CQ Organics, Foxwell Agriculture, Hinz Pastoral Grazing, Macfields, Lush Lychees, OYAK group, Rural Funds Management, Fitzroy Nurseries and CQUniversity.



Emily is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations and Communication) with the University of Southern Queensland. Prior to joining the team at Rockhampton Regional Council, Emily worked as an Agribusiness Analyst and Manager in the finance sector and holds qualifications in this field. Experienced in supporting the economic development of primary producers, as well as detailed farm scale business planning, modelling and analysis, Emily is a trusted

stakeholder and relationship manager.

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