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Management Board

Musa Levent Ortakcier.jpg
Musa Levent Ortakçier


Mr. Ortakçıer is the Head of OYAK Food Agriculture Animal Husbandry Group and the Chairman of the Executive Board of HEKTAŞ Ticaret Türk A.Ş. with previous sales experiences over 13 years as Sales Manager in Cadbury, which is the second largest multinational confectionery company in the world and as Sales Director in Ülker A.Ş., which has products being exported internationally to 110 countries, is a Turkish multinational food and beverage manufacturer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Ortakçıer added entrepreneurial business perspective as Vice President of Commerce to Tayaş Gıda A.Ş. for 5 years and worked as General Manager, in Arsal Otomotiv A.Ş. for over 3 years. Prior to his current role as Head of OYAK Food Agriculture Animal Husbandry Group, Mr. Ortakçıer brought a wealth of experience as General Manager of HEKTAŞ Ticaret Türk A.Ş. for 5 years. The company had a leading position in Plant Protection market in Turkey during his senior management. Mr. Ortakçıer got his undergraduate degree from Atatürk University, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation.

Andrew Farah


Andrew is the young accomplished Chairman of AgriVentis Technologies who has been with the company almost from inception. With extensive previous experience as General Manager in Software Development both in Australia and internationally. Formerly he was a successful Director of two companies he founded, grew and sold. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge with a unique entrepreneurial and business perspective to AgriVentis Technologies. Now together with Mr Musa Levent Ortakcier, Andrew Co-Chairs AgriVentis Technologies to ensure sustainable growth and a brighter outlook for AgriVentis and the industry.

Lewis Hunter


Lewis leads the AgriVentis management board as our Chief Executive Officer and as the Head of Marketing and Business Development. Lewis has previously sat on two Agri Businesses Boards in the capacity of Executive Director, and several non Ag Board positions, prior to being one of the original founding members of AgriVentis. Lewis’s entrepreneurial background started several decades ago as CEO of one of the largest Independent commodity suppliers to the major Australian and International Supermarket brands, suppling over 62 product lines from his self-funded manufacturing hubs in Korea, Japan and Thailand.


Lewis’s commenced his sales & marketing background in the Airline Industry in Sydney NSW, shortly after arriving from Scotland in 1980, Lewis started his Airline career with Pan American Airways in the early 80’s, transferring to United Airlines in 1985 which saw Lewis elevated through the ranks of executive management in a relatively short time. The pinnacle of Lewis’s Airline career was being awarded the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) NSW Chapter “Airline Sales Executive of the Year” at the age of 28, he holds an Associate Degree Marketing, from University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Diploma Professional Sales & Marketing Skills (II) Pan American Flight Academy Miami Florida, Diploma from International Air Transport Association (IATA) & Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) Montreal. Lewis is a member of the Australian Sesame Industry Reference Board.

Seref San


Seref graduated from Adana Cukurova University in 1985 as an Agricultural Engineer with a bachelor’s degree. With over 35 years of experience covering all sectors of the agricultural Industry, throughout an extensive and diversified career, both in Australia and abroad. Working on seed breeding projects, seed production, commercialisation through to the marketing and sales at Hektas in Turkey. Seref was instrumental in the development of the first Plant Nutrition Division and range of Organomineral Fertilizers at Hektas, building the business from ground up in just 3-years, with over 155 employees and four manufacturing Plants being established.


An opportunity to return to Australia to take up a senior executive role as COO and company Director, of a newly partnered agricultural seed company, AgriVentis Technologies. This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his extensive career, the new position at AgriVentis allows Seref to steer the operational direction of the company, bringing exciting opportunities with imported Hybrid seed lines with the introduction of a Plant Nutrition Division and Plant Breeding program, with disruptive technologies, challenging existing markets to enhance our Australian Agriculture landscape.

Mehmet Gokhan Koseoglu.jpg
Mehmet Gökhan Köseoğlu


Mr. Köseoğlu has recently become the Vice President of OYAK Food Agriculture Animal Husbandry Group (Strategy and Marketing) and General Manager of Areo Seed with extensive previous experiences for 12 years as Director of Information Systems and R&D in Havelsan, which is owned by and affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation with its high-technology based software-intensive solutions and products in defence, security and information sectors. Shortly after, his career in Havelsan enabled Mr. Köseoğlu to add a practical and hands on approach to GMG Information Technology as Operations Director for over 3 years. Prior to his Vice Presidency of Strategy and Marketing role, Mr. Köseoğlu worked as Consultant of General Manager in HEKTAŞ Ticaret Türk A.Ş. for 4 years. Mr. Köseoğlu got his both undergraduate and graduate degree from Middle East Technical University, Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Dean Robinson


Dean is an experienced business executive currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of the ASX Listed company Teaminvest Private Group Ltd (ASX:TIP), and Non-Executive Director of Northern Beaches Christian School. Dean was previously a Director of Mergers and Acquisitions with KPMG, in this role he led the growth and development of the Greater Western Sydney team. Prior to his career in Corporate Finance / Investment Banking, he reached the pinnacle of Professional Sport as both a coach and athlete, in a career spanning over 20 years. Dean was raised in country NSW attending an Agricultural High School and University studying Agriculture and Resource Economics, he holds three Masters degrees in Applied Finance from Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre, a Senior Executive MBA from University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School, and a Masters in Physiotherapy from University of Sydney.

Michael Trimarchi
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.29.08 pm.png

Office Administrator

As a previous board member of Agriventis Technologies Mr Trimarchi is well versed in the AT operations and has become an asset in  the day to day dealings of the company. Production planning before running his own businesses in real estate, property development, and sales and property management, Mr. Trimarchi has an extensive background in business and investment management. His recent work in establishing a retail business enables Mr. Trimarchi to add a practical, hands-on approach to AgriVentis Technologies.

Andrew McDonald
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.20.46 pm.png

Technical Operations Manager

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in the Grains and Pulse Industry in Australia. From early beginnings as a Horticultural Agronomist before moving into the Pulse Industry as both an Agronomist and  Trading Role, Andrew has played an integral role in developing the Northern Pulse and Oilseed Industries to be the successes that they are today. Helping growers increase their crop rotations while improving soil nutrition and increasing cash flow in both Broadacre Dryland and Irrigated Farming Systems and Sugar Cane Production.The demand for alternative crops and new technology to improve profitability for all in the Rural Industry has led Andrew to AgriVentis Technologies. Andrew knows all the challenges of supply and demand in the Australian climate and has joined the AgriVentis team to help deliver our products to the Australian market.Andrew is a committee member of the Australian Summer Grains Conference due to be held in July 2022.

Peter Foxwell
Queensland Country Life_edited.png

Agronomic Consultant

Peter has an agronomy degree and over 35 years of practical experience in crop production. He worked in the cotton and peanut industries facilitating the rapid expansion of irrigated peanut production in Central Queensland prior to buying his first farm with his wife Lynne. His innovative approach to resource management in cotton and grain production has allowed business growth and sustainable development on the family farms for nearly 30 years, receiving industry and community awards and recognition, particularly from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as a “Reef Guardian Farmer”.


The Foxwell family has had a research partnership with Central Queensland University for over twenty years looking at new crops and innovative production methods in both rainfed and irrigated cropping systems. Peter has sat and sits on numerous industry and University advisory boards. He is currently a member of the Australian Sesame Industry Reference Board and the AgriVentis Advisory Council as senior Agronomist and best farming practice consultant for AgriVentis.  Peter and his farm are now integral with AgriVentis’ development plans as the first farm where all new varieties are grown and assessed.

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