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AgriVentIs’ collaboration with CQU are strategically aligned for developing high value tropical cropping opportunities throughout Australia. AgriVentis in collaboration with CQU support the following strategic areas of cropping research;


AgriVentis' core funding to CQU for evaluation of high value tropical cropping options. for example, preliminary evaluation of AgriVentis germplasm (pulses, spices, oil seeds, grains) for tropical adaptation. Research involves evaluation of physiological traits for tropical adaptation of spices, pulses, grains, and oilseed crops for farming in Northern Australian cropping systems. AgriVentis also co-funds for commodity specific projects through CRC. such as s Spicing up Northern Australia funded by Cooperation Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) 


The Agriventis support with QLD and Commonwealth Govt supported programs, include Innovation connections, Aus-Industry, AgriFuture, PhD interns funding applications. Postgraduate research scholarship through industry collaborative research funding, CQU elevate and CRCNA postgraduate scholarships also supports;


  • Postgraduate research operational cost support through the provision of funding and research materials (seed lines) 

  • Co-funding for the CQU internal research grant scheme by the cropping researchers in CQU e.g. CQU FAPEX grant, Merit grant, linkage pilot grant

  • Research infrastructure supports, e.g. cash support for the purchase of cropping equipment, e.g. plot planter and large infrastructure support, e.g. combine plot harvester, Monosem research planter, etc.


A note by - Dr Surya P Bhattarai 


Dr. Surya Co-ordinates CQU's longer term partnership with Agriventis Ltd for high value tropical crop research. Dr. Surya leads the strategic collaboration themes above among many others. Dr. Surya is also the lead for managing Agriventis' core funded postgraduate research project, co-funded the CRCNA project on spicing up Northern Australia, undertaken RDC co-funded project and PhD interns for rainfed rice and tropical soybean. Supervising Agriventis funded postgraduates research students on spices and tropical pulses, and engages Agriventis in CQU various internal research grant schemes, e.g. FAPEX (spices extractions),  in competitive linkage pilot project for graze and grain from tropical pulses.   


The AgriVentis executive management team along with our many stakeholders, join in celebrating our long association and partnership with CQUniversity and will continue to invest into the future in R&D, bringing disruptive technologies challenging the traditional methodology of Australian farming.

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