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Agriventis Technologies - Advance Rockhampton's News

AgriVentis Technologies has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings as a seed technologies and development company back in 2017, but one constant remains unchanged, their commitment to progressing and commercialising mainstream seed business and the latest range of spice lines through Central Queensland and in particular the Rockhampton region.

This has been made possible with the financial support and commitment of international business partners and major shareholder, Hektas, along with the collaboration of research partners, CQUniversity Cropping Research Team under Institute for future farming systems, with the support of Foxwell Farms, who have completed numerous trials with growers in Central and North QLD over the past five years, providing essential agronomic data and new seed line discoveries.

AgriVentis has not only invested heavily in R&D, but also in specialised equipment to support and underpin the growth of seed business, as a result AgriVentis has launched and commercialised 2 of it’s Mung Beans varieties (Green Dragon & Taipan). While also successfully contracted to a Melbourne based Health Food company, “Hab Shifa” as a direct result of participating in the recent Dubai Gulfood trade show, with supply of locally organically grown Kalonji.

"We acknowledge and thank Advance Rockhampton for their tremendous support, particularly with continuing negotiations on water security for the region, Tropical cropping R&D in general and Spicing of Northern Australia in particular, which is essential for the future development and success of broad acre farming in Central Queensland."Lewis Hunter, CEO AgriVentis Australia.

What's next: the future release of Chickpea, Soybean, Cow Pea, Rice & Fennel varieties, along with the commercialisation of Sesame throughout Northern Australia, whilst continuing with long-term commitments to Central Queensland and the Rockhampton hub.

Phone: (07) 3303 8717


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